Peter hall photography new milford,CT

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The following photo's are of things i found buried in my back yard.

My house was built in 1968 and i moved in June 2000.

The occupants before me never heard of garbage service. They just walked out in the back yard

chucked the stuff down and walked away. Didn't they see that t.v. commercial from the seventies

with the American Indian crying next to a polluted river?

nivea cream from the seventies

it rubs the lotion on it's skin or it gets the hose again!

new milford bank and trust

1979 New Milford bank and trust calender

miller pony bottle with moss growing in it

miller beer pony bottle with moss growing in it.

perfume bottle

full Perfume bottle. Wanna come over and be the first to smell it?

coconut found in mud

Baby head found in the back yard

doll head

cap to a kids tooth

cap to a kids tooth

macrame from the seventies

macrame bag. Great moss growing on it.

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